Pocono: Peck overcomes car troubles to snag Top 20 finish

13 Nov
Pocono Tood Peck

LONG POND, PA (July 29, 2017) – Todd Peck overcame early troubles to secure a Top 20 finish in the Overton’s 150 at Pocono Raceway. While Peck ended up finishing 19th, he experienced issues before the race even began that made such a finish unlikely.

Having qualified in the 20th position, the Peck Motorsports team where poised for a successful run. However, as the pack were running their pace laps, Peck felt problems in his left-rear tire. He made the difficult call of hitting the pits before the green flag was signaled, surrendering his field position earned in qualifying.

“I knew something was wrong right away,” said Peck. “I radioed in, letting the team know to be ready because I was coming in.”

Initially, the Peck Motorsports team couldn’t identify the issue, and sent Peck back out. However, as he was pulling away, Crew Chief Keith Wolfe caught the problem.

“Todd was pulling away and I saw the left-rear wobble,” said Wolfe. “I knew right away that the wheel needed tightened.”

Peck came back in to fix the issue. Unfortunately, by the time Peck returned to the track, the pack was coming around for the green flag. The No. 83 team started the race a lap down.

“Our strategy immediately had to change,” said Peck. “From that point on, all our focus went to getting back on the lead lap.”

While Peck was now racing from behind, his truck gave him the confidence to persevere.

“I had the speed to run with the Top 10 guys,” said Peck. “At one point, I pulled past the 12th place driver with ease. While you never want to race from behind, knowing that you have the truck to run with the fastest guys definitely helps.”

From their years of experience, the Peck Motorsports team knew what strategy they had to employ to get back on the lead lap. In the past, the team said they might have tried a more aggressive strategy. Instead, they decided to anticipate cautions and focus on being in the position to be granted a lap back when the time came.

“We have been racing on this level for years now,” said Peck. “We have the experience to know how cautions are going to play out. We knew if we waited for the right moment, we would get that lap back. Of course, you go into every race hoping to win, but sometimes you have to adjust. Today was one of those races.”

As anticipated, their opportunity came. A caution flew with 20 laps to go, and the team decided against making a pit stop. This earned them their lead lap and good track position. However, they knew they were not out of the woods yet.

“We stayed out knowing we’d have to come in shortly,” said Peck. “We knew we would have to have a good pit stop to get back out there on the lead lap.”

With 15 laps remaining, the No. 40 team came in to pit. They managed to get Peck back on the track on the lead lap. However, they gave up valuable track position, and dropped to the 25th spot. After a day of fighting from behind, Peck wasn’t going to give up now.

“We fought are way back,” said Peck. “We ended up finishing 19th. Although it was bitter sweet finishing there knowing we had a potential Top 10 car, it was a confidence booster knowing that we could adopt a new strategy during the race and execute it.”

The Overton’s 150 at Pocono highlighted the Peck Motorsports team’s ability to overcome controversy. Being an independent team, Peck Motorsports do not have a lot of excess money to throw around when issues arise. Instead, they rely on experience gained through years of working their way up the ranks. The team takes pride in this experience that allows them to contend with the multi-million dollar teams that populate the Camping World and Xfinity race series.

“A lot of independent teams don’t make it on the NASCAR scene,” said Peck. “It can be hard knowing some teams have a virtually endless budget to tap into. But for us [Peck Motorsports], we know it’s possible to contend. It takes years to get the experience necessary to develop strategies to keep up, but it will come.”

Peck will get more opportunities to let his experience shine. Peck Motorsport’s 2017 partnership with DJ Kopp Racing, will result in Peck running more Camping Truck Series races than ever before in his career. Peck hopes to establish DJ Kopp Racing’s presence on the Camping World Truck and Xfinity racing series.

“DJ Kopp racing is a great group of guys,” said Peck. “It will be an honor to help them establish a name for themselves on the highest levels of NASCAR.”

Peck Motorsports is based out of Glenville, Pennsylvania. A family owned team, Peck Motorsports have been racing on NASCAR’s top circuits since 1988, securing a plethora of Top 10 finishes along the way. Peck Motorsport’s tradition of success through family and community continues, as Todd Peck has become a mainstay of the Camping World Truck and Xfinity racing series. To keep up Peck Motorsports through the 2017 season, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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