2017 Season Wrap-up

13 Nov
Tood Peck Nascar Wrap Up

GLENVILLE, PA (November 9, 2017) – As the 2017 NASCAR season comes to a close, Todd Peck and Peck Motorsports hope to take what they learned from a busy campaign and use it to grow upon next season. The 2017 season was a progressive year for Peck Motorsports.

The year began on a high note, with Peck earning his first Top 20 finish at Daytona. After years of unsuccessful Daytona runs, Peck not only posted his career best finish (18th) but lead the RACE NAME on multiple occasions. According to Peck, the race was especially gratifying due to his team ability to employ a track-specific strategy.

“Daytona was a race that showed our growth,” said Peck. “In the past, we didn’t have the confidence or luxury to ignore qualifying performance and focus on draft tuning. Posting our best Daytona finish yet really solidified the progress our team knew we had made.”

The Overton’s 150 at Pocono was another race that demonstrated the growth and progression Peck Motorsports have experienced. After losing their qualifying efforts and the lead lap to a loose left-rear prerace, the team could adopt a new strategy that resulted in a 19th place finish. Peck accredited the in-race adjustments to experience earned over years of racing.

“We could have never pulled that off a few years ago,” said Peck. “The ability to anticipate how the cautions were going to play out, the ability to put ourselves in position to capitalize on said cautions—it would have just been too much of an undertaking. Before, if we would have made a similar come back, it would have been dumb luck not composure and strategy.”

2017 was a year that saw Peck Motorsports enter a partnership with DJ Kopp Racing, resulting in more Camping World Truck starts than ever before in his career. While not all the of races were successful runs, Peck believes the partnership is sings of good things to come.

“Most of the races with DJ Kopp racing were learning experiences,” says Peck. “These guys are just breaking into the scene. They know success doesn’t happen overnight. But this year, we were able help them establish themselves on the scene. We expect to continue our partnership for the 2018 season.”

Peck Motorsports plans to spend the 2017 offseason securing more sponsors and preparing for a 2018 campaign that will see them race in both the Camping World Truck and Xfinity series. After years of working their way up the ranks as a regional Pennsylvanian team, Peck says it feels good to be viewed as a mainstay on NASCAR’s highest levels.

“It’s been a long journey and we are a long way from racing go-karts,” says Peck. “While there is still lots of room for improvement, it feels great now that we are an established presence on the Camping World Truck and Xfinitiy scenes. It gives us the luxury of fine tuning strategies for specific races instead of completely rebuilding year in and year out.”

The team has a few specific goals for the 2018 season. Specifically, they plan to secure that Top 10 finish that has eluded them thus far on the Camping World Truck circuit. Peck believes 2018 is the year they finally achieve this goal.

“We have come close [to a Top 10] finish multiple times this year,” said Peck. “In the past, we lacked the equipment and experience to make it happen. Now we have the experience to put a good car out there. We have the experience to make proper in-race adjustments. Now, it’s just a matter of time.”

Peck Motorsports is based out of Glenville, Pennsylvania. A family owned team, Peck Motorsports have been racing on NASCAR’s top circuits since 1988, securing a plethora of Top 10 finishes along the way. Peck Motorsport’s tradition of success through family and community continues, as Todd Peck has become a mainstay of the Camping World Truck and Xfinity racing series. For off season updates and information on the upcoming 2018 season, follow Peck Motorsports on on Facebook and Twitter.

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