Daytona: Peck produces Top 20 finish at NASCAR’s most infamous track

24 Feb


DAYTONA BEACH, FL (February 24, 2017)- Peck Motorsports used their years of experience and a track-specific strategy to capture their first Top 20 finish at Daytona during the NextEra Energy Resources 250.

After qualifying in the 31st position, Todd Peck, driver of the No. 83 Pulse Transport Chevrolet, managed to finish the race in 18th. Despite the poor qualifying performance, Peck was confident in his car from the start.

“I wasn’t worried at all about our starting position,” said Peck. “At tracks like Daytona, factors such as drafting are more important than being fast in qualifying.”

Traditionally, a good qualifying-car translates to a good race-car. However, Daytona can be a rare exception. Due to restrictor plates at Super Speedways, the importance of single-car speed takes a backseat to drafting efficiency. Peck claims that the team learned this the hard way.

“In the past, we made the mistake of focusing on single car speed,” said Peck. “This time, we were locked in on points and decided to focus on being good in the pack. We made sure we rolled off the truck tuned for drafting.”

The strategy proved effect; the team’s Top 20 run saw Peck lead the race on multiple occasions. After a lifetime of racing, leading at one of the world’s most infamous tracks was a dreamlike experience for Peck.

“That was something special,” said Peck. “Of course, it feels great to lead any at any track, but every kid who wants to race dreams of Daytona.”

Although the 18th place finish was his best Daytona performance, Peck believed he could have produced an even better finish. An infamous Daytona pile-up occurred on the last lap of the race, which Peck managed to avoid. However, after losing drafting help earlier in the race, Peck lost significant track position as the race neared its end. This caused him to be out of position to fully take advantage of the last lap restart.

“Unfortunately, by losing our drafting help earlier, we weren’t in the position during the final restart to capitalized like we wanted to,” said Peck. “But to have run everywhere from 31st to 1st, we knew we had the truck to be in the mix.

Daytona was the first stop on what Peck hopes to be a successful 2017 campaign. After the announcement of a partnership with DJ Kopp Racing, Peck has reason to be excited. The partnership will result in Peck driving multiple races for DJ Kopp Racing, setting up the busiest year of his Camping World Truck career.

Peck Motorsports is based out of Glenville, Pennsylvania. A family-owned team, Peck Motorsports have been racing on NASCAR’s top circuits since 1988, securing a plethora of Top 10 finishes along the way. Peck Motorsport’s tradition of success through family and community continues, as Todd Peck has become a mainstay of the Camping World Truck and Xfinity racing series. To keep up with Peck Motorsports through the 2017 season, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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